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I am creator. I take ownership in my work. I take ideas from start to finish. I know how to get projects done while maintaining the highest standard of quality. I coach our clients to protect their best interests.

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About me -


Spanish — Native
English — B2 — Upper Intermediate
Russian — B2 — Upper Intermediate

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Cuba
Permission to work: Russia
Desired travel time to work: doesn't matter

What I Do

Front end development

Organized and semantic HTML5 and CSS3 to bring your designs to life. I prefer coding from scratch instead of a framework, with no layers to ensure there’s no junk code or bugs.

Custom Web Development

Specialized applications require careful attention to detail. Work with our team of developers to plan and build the right solution for your busness.

Advanced WordPress Development

To get the most out of WordPress you have to tailor your business to their system. If that doesn’t work for you, we can help break through the barriers of WordPress.

Woocommerce development

I’ve worked with plenty of eCommerce websites and have found WooCommerce to be a fantastic add-on to WordPress for your store. I can help customize your cart pages, as well as guiding you to the best plugins available.

WooCommerce For Enterprise

A WooCommerce Enterprise Partner we can help scale your store to handle the complexities of a growing business or an enterprise with increasing levels of complexity.

B2B Commerce Development

I specialize in B2B E-commerce Development that is cost effective, has all the advanced features you need, is highly flexible, generates traffic, and improves sales.

The development of the site depends on its type

Landing Page

Conversion rate 5-8%

- This is a sales page about a single product, service, or event. It is created for advertising or PR activity.
- The site "catches" the visitor from the first seconds and leads to the target action (purchase, registration, application) - through the advantages, detailed descriptions and videos to the order form and contacts.
- After receiving full information about your event, product or service, the user will be ready to order. The conversion rate of the selling page is 5-8%, but there are also higher indicators.


Conversion rate 2-5%

- Such a site helps to present all products and services with a detailed description, characteristics, schemes, advantages and order form.
- Do you need frequent changes in prices and assortment? We will configure import by file, linking with WordPress or parsing from supplier sites.
- So that the user can easily select the desired product, we will make filters, add blocks with related products, and display the search box.

Online stores

Conversion rate 3-5%

We know how to organize effective online trading. On our websites:
- a large selection of payment system implementations (Yandex.Checkout, Robokassa, PayAnyWay, PayPal, Tinkoff and others);
- micro-markup of E-commerce, OpenGraph, and;
-two-level catalogs, multiple product cards, filters, product comparisons by parameters;
- in the basic functionality, you can place up to 300,000 products, in the modified version-up to 1 million items

What the Freelancer needs to start the work


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*Important Note: Any *additional features* that were not discussed earlier or are not part of the OFFER you are purchasing, will *not* be completed by us or discussed on this order page. We could send an additional quote for those features on order completion.*

1. Domain Name (eg.
2. Your Hosting Control Panel URL, username, and password
3. Optional: If WordPress is already installed, please tell me your WordPress dashboard URL, admin username, and password
4. Name of Website as well as a one-line description
5. Does the website have a logo? Please upload (optional)
6. Please add your second language
7. Number of Pages with Names (eg, Home, About Us, Services, FAQs, Contact Us)
8. Please send me some images related to your business or some image links from Google and I will arrange similar stock images.
9. Your email address that will be linked to the Contact Form and telephone number for the Contact Page, your physical location based on which I will configure the google map for contact page (optional). Also please mention your Social links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
10. Links to 1-2 Websites that you like, your preferred color scheme if any, any additional info that you would like to share.

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