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Are you ready to take your current store to the next level, or interested in launching a new site? I’am developers who are passionate about eCommerce. I understand Woo inside and out and build stores that are equipped to handle large bursts of traffic and complex sales processes.

I can also help speed up your store, add functionality, write custom plugins, give your design a boost, and improve your overall ability to sell online.

WooCommerce Service

Our expert Woo team is comprised of problem solvers who know exactly how to expand the possibilities for your online business. By leveraging an agile development process and committing to consistent, transparent communication, they are able to continuously deliver the right features and integrations.

WooCommerce Support

Take advantage of our quick response times and depth of experience. Our support plans allow you to select the best match for your Woo store.

Custom Plugins & Development

Create a personalized solution that meets your requirements, whether you need a custom store, theme or plugin.

Strategy & Optimization

Plan targeted actions for a faster store, increased conversions, effective SEO, and more.

User Experience & Design

Modernize your store’s look and improve the customer shopping flow to increase overall sales.

Subscription Programs

Add a consistent revenue stream to your store, with options for personalized billing, shipping and more.

Custom WooCommerce Development

At Joseph, i’am energized by the ever-evolving eCommerce industry and i understand the challenges you face in running your WooCommerce site. Our focused team of Woo developers can improve your ability to sell online today and tomorrow by creating custom plugins and themes, expanding the platform to meet your specialized business goals.

The Power of WooCommerce

As Gold WooCommerce Experts, our team can help speed up your store, add

functionality, write custom plugins, and improve your overall ability to sell online.

Launch a Custom Store

Our base solution focuses on launching an initial version of your custom Woo store as quickly as possible, with the most critical components in place. This method provides the most value for your budget.

Custom Plugins

Expand the functionality of your store with a hand-crafted plugin created by our development team to meet the exact needs of your online business. Our plugins are built so they won’t impede the functionality of your existing plugins.

Custom Integrations

Build a bridge between your WooCommerce store and the world of third party services, expanding your site’s possibilities. I can also recommend trustworthy third party services for integration.

Optimize Performance

Experience quicker load times and give your sluggish admin panel a boost when you turn to Joseph for our WooCommerce Optimization services. I have a whole toolbox of solutions to boost your site’s performance.

Security Audits

Keep your store safe by addressing problems before they occur. Our team can audit your site to check for any vulnerabilities. If your store is hacked, our developers can work to locate the source and remove any malicious code.

Ongoing Support

Joseph is there when you need us with ongoing support solutions that make sense. Whether you’re looking to add a few new features, or are searching for a consultative relationship with a team of experienced developers, designers and strategists, our team is here to help.

Custom Plugins & Subscription Programs

Your business is unique. Instead of trying every available plugin to find the one that will do what you need and won’t break your store, expand the functionality of your site with a custom plugin for WooCommerce and get the exact product you want.

Whether you’re looking for something to improve your checkout process, or you’d like to launch a subscription program, our Woo team has years of experience building plugins that are sleek, efficient and reliable.

Handcrafted Woo Plugins

Our custom WooCommerce plugins integrate perfectly with your existing

theme and they won’t interfere with the operation of your other plugins.

Don’t waste your budget on one-size-fits-all products that almost stack up,

when i can create exactly what you’re looking for.

Subscription Plugins

Launching a subscription program, or a new subscription feature, comes with technical challenges. I know how to create solutions that automate processes, avoid common pitfalls, save time, and allow you to scale effectively.


I can craft plugins to customize your reporting process and generate the reports you need to chart the progress of your business and make strategic decisions quickly and easily.


Are you wasting too many hours working around an overly complex or antiquated system? Our team has a million ideas for ways to simplify and expedite your workflow.


Having an effective checkout process boosts sales and keeps your customers happy. Our developers can build a checkout process that works for you, whether by integrating your payment gateway, improving UX or adding additional plugins and tweaks.


Are you looking for a way to increase traffic and sales? Let us build you a custom referrals plugin that will bring visitors to your store. Referral programs are one of the most popular way to thank existing customers and get the world out about your goods and services.


Our developers can craft a smooth pathway between your WooCommerce store and various third party APIs. Whether a payment gateway, shipping company, email marketing system, or other third party, our integrations expand the operational possibilities of your store.

Performance Optimization

Anyone who tells you page load speeds don’t matter is lying. The internet moves quickly, visitors lose interest faster than you might think and a slow website is one that gets left behind.

Our experienced WooCommerce team can diagnose your store’s issues and implement fixes that will get you up to speed in no time.

Long load times reflect badly on the quality and credibility of your business; get them fixed now.

Speed Things Up

I have a whole toolbox of solutions to improve page load speeds on your WooCommerce site. Our experienced developers have sped up many Woo stores and can diagnose your issues and implement personalized and effective fixes.

I troubleshoot and streamline your website’s scripts to cut down on bloat. This prevents unneeded code from negatively affecting performance. Combining multiple scripts also allows sites to load faster.

1. Optimize Images

Oftentimes, large image files are the culprit when a site is starting to drag. I have the tools to get those images optimized and keep everything running quickly.

2. CDN Setup

Content Delivery Networks array your content across many servers in different locations to help your pages load faster.

3. Optimize Theme

I examine your site’s specific WooCommerce theme to see where tweaks can be made and changes implemented. This results in a quicker shopping experience for your customers.

WooCommerce UX & Design

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Our design team understands all the ins and outs of selling on WooCommerce and they work closely with our developers to make sure the user experience on your website helps you achieve your goals. Our personalized evaluations map out a series of ideas for design and functional improvements, demonstrating the path to a convenient and memorable experience for your visitors.

Designed for Your Users

Because Joseph is a full-service agency, i’am able to work with you through each step of the design process. Our team partners with you to understand your business objectives, outline what i believe to be the most valuable design updates for your site and strategize with our Woo developers to release those updates quickly and effectively.

Targeted UX Review

I focus on one or more targeted areas of a WooCommerce store, analyzing each user interaction to provide real steps that will optimize your customers’ experiences as they interact with your site.

Design Refresh

Content Delivery Networks array your content across many servers in different locations to help your pages load faster.

Theme Design

WooCommerce themes can be a great place to start, but when you want your store to really shine, consider offering your customers a custom-designed experience. Our team focuses on eCommerce best practices, ensuring a great look that converts.

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